Now more than ever, industry professionals are challenged to cut costs and produce results more quickly. Topcon meets those demands at a conceptual crossroads we call “The Intersection of Infrastructure and Technology” where construction, surveying and engineering professionals find advantages and know-how to be at the forefront of technological innovation — to increase productivity and profitability — for growing infrastructure needs. Topcon invites infrastructure professionals to meet us at this unique point — this “intersection” — where infrastructure opportunities and technology come together to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

With increasing population density compounded by urban growth and modernization in developing regions, the need for new infrastructure grows exponentially. The monetary gap to pay for expected necessities can be addressed by increases in productivity and reduction of waste in global construction practices. Integrating smart technology into construction is the only reliable way to meet the productivity demands. This reality has prompted international government directives to incorporate smart technology in infrastructure projects, which presents opportunities for Topcon to partner with contractors to provide solutions that meet those specifications.

Topcon innovations increase efficiency in nearly all aspects of infrastructure development. From land surveying to automated machine controls, Topcon technology improves the workflow, thus increasing productivity. While Topcon technology has traditionally been built around tangible sensors or devices, it now also includes data workflows and process control of development projects as well — offering complete end-to-end solutions.

Topcon understands industry professionals are extremely pragmatic and, in many cases, can prefer to see the immediate value of a technology solution. Through open architecture philosophies and future-proof solutions, we offer agile choices to the market to meet these expectations.

For decades, Topcon has built its position to address these needs. We have the technology that customers can seamlessly integrate into their workflow to experience immediate results and the vision to innovate the solutions for the future.