Imagine streaming current location content to any computer or mobile device – streets, buildings, infrastructure and the surrounding environment. Now add the dimension of time where you could view temporal change and progression.

Mapping has embarked on a new future – high definition aerial imagery presented in multiple perspectives and dimensions. Subscribers may choose their view (vertical, panoramic, oblique, and soon 3D) and navigate through multiple captures over time to gain insight and detect change. Or view from multiple look angles for a truer understanding of truth on the ground. Identify surface imperfections, inventory assets, or precisely measure distance or area.

Nearmap captures high-definition imagery across the urban US, often multiple times per year. Within days of capture, subscribers gain instant cloud access to updated content. And with every capture, our historical aerial image library grows further to more accurately contrast past ground conditions with those of today. These ever-richer datasets also include rapid advances in imaging technology, and soon will add DSM (Digital Surface Model) and true 3D content.

Modern imagery streaming supports field operations in real estate, insurance underwriting, utilities, construction, energy and a host of other industries. Expert training and expensive software were expected, but today’s novice users may easily navigate complex imagery. And when you add the dimension of time, automated change detection becomes possible and opens a new world of possibilities.

Rich, repeatable aerial datasets take us from “seeing is believing” to pattern recognition and detailed analytics. Businesses operate more efficiently as they move from manual processes to automated analysis, and resource deployment becomes easier. Massive aerial map data forms the knowledge base to answer tomorrow’s complex questions. As computation power and storage capacity increase exponentially, HD aerial maps power ever richer datasets for both humans and machines. In essence and in fact, reality has become a service.