Airbus Aerial is providing insurance companies free initial access to its library of aerial base maps and data analytics of the region affected by Hurricane Irma. The company is offering the same access to insurers in the Houston area, following Hurricane Harvey.

“Our focus is on helping victims restore some sense of normalcy to their lives as quickly as possible,” says Jesse Kallman, president of Airbus Aerial.

Following a natural disaster, the speed with which insurance companies can process claims is vitally important to victims who are often homeless and traumatized. Settling claims quickly is essential because rebuilding normally cannot begin until claims are settled. Also, homeowners whose insurance policies have “loss of use” clauses can receive temporary living expenses once claims are settled.

Airbus Aerial technology allows insurers to view rich archives of data to see what a given area looked like before a storm, then task high-resolution satellites in the areas of most importance to them. Once they have this broad understanding from space, drones, manned aircraft and other data capture tools can be deployed as needed to further provide insight.

Insurers on the ground in the Houston area are leveraging Airbus Aerial technology in two ways. The aerial data that Airbus Aerial provides from satellites, manned aircraft and unmanned aerial systems enable the adjusters to see the actual damage done to a specific building or to a larger area. The second benefit lies in the customized analytics Airbus Aerial provides with its data. It helps insurance companies to prioritize the hardest hit areas and efficiently deploy their on-site adjusters to the places they are needed most. 

While aerial imagery has been around for a while, collecting aerial images of a specific area viewed from space, down to mere feet above ground, and then turning it into actionable information to help recovery in a crisis from one tool has never been done before, Kallman says.  “We are hopeful that it will change the way disaster recovery is done in the future.”

About Airbus Aerial
Airbus Aerial is an aerial services business backed by Airbus, an international pioneer and leader in the aerospace industry.  With bases in the U.S. and Europe, Airbus Aerial’s services leverage software and aerospace technology from around the world to offer actionable data and analysis of information provided by drones, satellites, high-altitude aircraft and other sources.