The new Nikon NPL-322+ Total Station from Nikon-Trimble Co. Ltd. is available in reflectorless and prism-only versions.

The NPL322+ delivers an economic, versatile, and easy-to-use platform, the company says. Nikon’s optics allow more light in to give brighter and clearer images, including in low-visibility field conditions. The total station allows users to see more detail and less distortion, particularly over longer distances.

The NPL-322+ is touted for its long operating time. It uses the same rechargeable Li-ion battery as the Nivo series, combined with a low power consumption design. It includes two batteries and a dual charger.

About Nikon-Trimble

Located in Japan, Nikon-Trimble Co. Ltd., is a joint venture between Nikon Corporation and Trimble to address the global surveying and construction markets. Trimble and its subsidiaries are the exclusive distributors of Nikon survey and construction products.