Construction data management provider Assemble Systems has a new mobile app for Apple iPads and iPhones. It gives surveyors and other construction professionals access to 3D models and “conditioned meta-data” within the Assemble mobile app.

“Assemble continues to listen to our customers who have invested heavily in mobile technology over the last few years and have asked us to provide this extension to our solution,” says Don Henrich, CEO of Assemble Systems. “It is clear that the building information model provides information that can quickly help to solve challenging problems in the field, and that a tablet or a phone is the best way to deliver it quickly. We look forward to rolling this out broadly to the growing number of project teams using BIM in the field.”

The Assemble Systems app brings Assemble Insight to the mobile users’ fingertips. It provides access to the model inventory and leverages 3D project data, allowing users to sort by specific systems, scopes or objects of the construction project. The project team can also easily add specific assembly codes or status to any object in the model, helping to track activity in the field. All of the detailed model data available from Assemble’s cloud-based solution is now available on the mobile app.

About Assemble Systems

Headquartered in Houston, Assemble Systems provides construction data management solutions. Its core offering, Assemble Insight is a cloud-based platform allowing AEC firms to leverage BIM for increased project insight, advanced project collaboration and data-driven decision making. Since its launch three years ago, AEC professionals have used Assemble to access and manage construction data on projects with a combined value of more than $50 billion.