Indoor Reality’s 3D mobile mapping system now features virtual building walkthroughs. Using the Google DayDream platform, the company is turning its reality capture devices into virtual reality (VR) content creation engines.

“Now, virtual reality app developers can capture and process data needed using Indoor Reality’s hardware platform and its automated cloud-based processing pipeline to generate photo-realistic 3D virtual models of building interiors with no human intervention. This is a great supplement to Indoor Reality’s Web-based Interactive walk through currently available on laptops, desktops and mobile phones,” says Avideh Zakhor, Indoor Reality founder and CEO.

Existing approaches prior to this were more time consuming, and involved manual stitching of the data collected via tripod based systems, Zakhor says. “This would enable architects, construction workers and other building professionals to immerse themselves in captured spaces, virtually navigate and measure an entire building from top to bottom without ever stepping in it … From capture to VR, our workflow is extremely fast, entirely automated, with no human in the loop.”

Accessible within the Indoor Reality cloud processing platform, the VR content creation is available now to all customers currently using Indoor Reality’s IR-500 handheld device or IR-1000 backpack system.

About Indoor Reality

Founded in 2015, Indoor Reality is headquartered in Berkeley, Calif. Indoor Reality’s patented hardware and software platforms provide a complete solution for fast, automated and visual documentation/ 3D mapping of buildings and assets.