Imagine a freight train, chugging along with purpose and gaining momentum in peaks and troughs, taking different routes and carrying a ton of precious cargo.

Can you picture it? Right, bear with me…

Marketing is the engine of your freight train. Your company’s messaging, values and products/services are the cargo. Every little blog post, press release, advert and direct mail effort are the fuel and they’re driving your company forward to bigger and better places.

Sounds simple enough, right? Ah, but then you’ve got the competition. Your competitors are out there, trying to pave their way in the marketing world too. Coupled with customers haggling you down, you end up hammering down your prices just to keep your foot in the door.

The solution? Make your marketing stand out. Do it better than the competition and see the leads roll in as a result.

Intrigued? Let’s look a bit closer...

Unleash Your Secret Weapon (Marketing)

Let me tell you a little story… I began my career at my dad’s laser manufacturing firm, MDL, marketing innovative technology for mine, hydrographic and land surveyors alike. Now, my father was a charismatic genius, creating products that he knew the surveyor would need before they knew it.

Still to this day I can hear him say “They just don’t know they need it yet!” Try marketing that!

Likewise for a lot of surveyors, marketing is the tool you didn’t know you needed. Until now…

Your Vision

It all starts with a very simple question: Where are you headed? Where do you want to take your business?

“Oh no, do I have to talk strategy?” I hear you say. Quick answer: Yes. If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there?

I run workshops for all sorts of geospatial companies, and sometimes they are perplexed that we start at such a strategic level. Marketing is strategic. Without a strategy, you can’t formulate a way forward.

Definition is Key

The premise of marketing is very simple, but you need to stay on track and make sure you always come back to this:

  • What is your product/service? What needs are you meeting?
  • Who are your customers? Who are you selling to — housing, architecture, waterways?
  • How are you going to get them to buy? What is your brand position? What excites them? How do you communicate?

Of course, it can get way more complicated than this; sometimes the questions that seem the easiest to answer are often the most complex. Over the next few months I will be walking you through the marketing process, handing out golden nuggets of information that can help you develop, change, grow or simply improve what you’re already doing. We’ll kick off with strategy, which is the foundation of successful marketing communications.

The fundamental question is: Do you want to be the same as everyone else? I doubt it. So step ahead and figure out what that future holds for you and your business. It’s a game changer, I promise.

Understand Your Customers

A key driver to successful marketing is to understand the fundamentals of your most desired customer. Ask yourself, “Who would I like more of?” I bet you can answer that with ease!

You need to be considering: What are their key needs? Why are they different to others who just waste your time and haggle on price?

Understanding which group of customers is your most profitable, for example, is how marketing communications becomes successful, because it’s targeted. Therefore, communicating to the needs of that customer type is key for successful marketing communications so you avoid wasting your hard-earned capital on nonsense, feature-pushed marketing collateral! Make sense?

Get Personal

If you want to acquire a hungry and loyal following that will devour every piece of marketing you put out, you have to get a little bit personal.

Send exclusive emails with discounts to your top customers, send personalized direct mail to their door or inbox, or simply ask your customers questions on social media to encourage a conversation. You’ll see a big change in how they perceive you. People like having a natter, they like being asked their opinion, and conversations stick in our heads (and therefore, you will too). It’s part of human nature. Targeting your marketing toward the specific needs of individuals through that key group of customers is what you want to achieve. Focus your marketing and believe me, you will see a huge difference!

Final thoughts

You may just be happy to tick along on a daily basis, but be careful; you might not have any real direction.

Remember the freight train! Imagine sending it off on its travels carrying your precious cargo, with no end destination and minimal fuel. Recipe for disaster, right?

Without an idea of what the future holds, including your types of clients or which market is the most profitable for you, you’re going to struggle to succeed. It’s the difference between merely surviving or prospering. Which would you prefer?

Like I mentioned earlier, “You didn’t know you needed it!” Uncover your secret marketing weapon, and show your competitors and customers you mean business and you’re here to stay.

Food for thought? I think so.