Verisk, which formed the Geomni business unit in early 2016, recently acquired a number of U.S.-based aerial survey companies and their aircraft fleets.  The move is a part of the company’s move toward in airborne data acquisition, warehousing and licensing specialization.

The Geomni remote-sensing fleet is intended to be the most efficient and largest private fleet of survey aircraft in the world, all equipped with remote sensing technology, the company says. The group of professionals and aircraft is focused on geospatial data acquisition. Fully implemented, the Geomni fleet includes more than 125 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Geomni will operate from 15 hubs strategically located throughout the U.S.

“Geomni has two primary customer groups,” says Todd A. Stennett, Geomni’s CxO. “Internally, we serve Verisk Analytics Enterprise and their customers, and help maintain market leadership in all things geospatial on behalf of insurance, banking, finance and some O&G business. Externally, we work with and through mapping professionals, to help professional photogrammetry, surveying and mapping firms and departments (PSM’s) materially increase revenues and significantly reduce costs.”  

Geomni’s remote-sensing aircraft are capable of reaching any point in the continental U.S. within hours, reducing unit costs per square kilometer to a fraction of what conventional survey aircraft are incurring, the company says. Verisk expects to invest approximately $100 million across 2017 and 2018 in the Geomni capabilities and assets for remote sensing and imagery.

Geomni’s library of high-resolution imagery will continue to grow and receive regular updates with the massive volumes of imagery and data flowing in from ongoing operations. Geomni imagery and data will drive and support uses in many markets including insurance, commercial property, energy, banking, architecture, engineering, emergency response and urban planning.

Geomni has built a mobile app that allows anyone with a mobile device to capture ground images around a structure and easily upload UAV images directly into its system. From there, Geomni can produce highly-accurate 3D property models.

“What differentiates Geomni’s solutions are the deep commitment to constantly source fresh imagery on an unprecedented scale, investing in superior technology, our technical capability and the proprietary data available within the Verisk enterprise,” says Geomni President Jeffrey C. Taylor. “This gives us a comprehensive solution set that is truly unique.”