A new application is now available to pipeline surveyors in North America from Leica Geosystems. Leica Captivate Pipeline is designed to streamline their work by eliminating many of the manual operations that have previously been required in pipeline tracking and reporting. The company says it can enable pipeline surveyors to save as much as 50 to 70 percent in reporting time compared to traditional practices and other software workflows.

“Leica Geosystems has built a system from the ground up that can be used from pipe inventory throughout construction and integrates intuitive workflows that streamline survey operations, assist with data management and track joints of pipe throughout the project, all within a user-friendly interface,” says Jason Houle, director of survey services for Diversified Infrastructure Services Inc., based in Fond Du Lac, Wis. The firm is a strategic partner involved in the development of Captivate Pipeline. “With the elimination of disjointed workflows, our clients are assured a high-quality end product delivered accurately and efficiently.”

Developed in collaboration with several surveying firms, Captivate Pipeline addresses a number of challenges. For example, manual database creation, file conversions, data verification and report generation all require significant time and resources to be allocated to each project. Additionally, every manual process increases the risk of error and costly setbacks in a time-sensitive environment. Captivate Pipeline overcomes those challenges by tying the entire pipeline process together, from inventory to layout to data reconciliation.

Captivate Pipeline allows for the integration of a bar code reader so survey crews can collect pipe attributes faster and more accurately. It provides the ability to incorporate pipe manufacturer tally sheets to track every length of pipe from the factory to the pipe yard and layout yard, and then its final position underground. The application incorporates redundant checks of the data before the pipe is buried, and it allows users to create and track the short lengths of pipe known as PUPS and compare final measured pipe length to the tally sheet for fast and easy data verification.

The application is integrated with industry-standard software for pipeline surveying, including Blue Sky DASH. As a result, users can export data directly from the office software into their Leica Geosystems controllers, eliminating the manual typing of codes and creating a seamless workflow.

The new application is initially being rolled out in North America as an optional add-on to Leica Captivate. Two upcoming webinars will explore the new pipeline application in more detail:

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