MicroSurvey CAD is a desktop survey and design program created for surveyors, contractors and engineers. No plug-ins or modules are necessary. Complete survey drafting, COGO, DTM, traversing, volumes, contouring, point cloud manipulation and data collection interfacing are included. MicroSurvey CAD is compatible with field data from all major total stations and data collectors, and is fully compatible with AutoCAD. MicroSurvey CAD Studio is now available and supports animation capabilities. In addition, MicroSurvey CAD Ultimate is available, and supports point cloud and LiDAR data.

The program allows surveyors to download, calculate, design, draft, check and print into field-to-finish package. MicroSurvey says anyone trained in AutoCAD will be able to use MicroSurvey CAD. DWG is the native file format for the software. MicroSurvey has been developing its desktop software on the IntelliCAD engine for more than seven years. IntelliCAD’s command set, toolbar and menu structure is very similar to AutoCAD so users can install MicroSurvey CAD into existing AutoCAD environments with ease.