Geospatial Corporation has completed its first underground pipeline mapping project for one of North America’s largest energy pipeline companies. The client owns more than 70,000 miles of energy pipeline in the U.S. and Canada.

“As we work through the rigorous qualification process for each energy company and they are introduced to our mapping technologies and GeoUnderground, we anticipate a substantial growth opportunity in the energy sector,” says Mark Smith, Geospatial’s CEO.

Having been qualified as an approved service provider and with the successful completion of this initial project, Geospatial has been asked to complete five additional projects for the client and anticipates substantial additional opportunities across North America.

About Geospatial Corporation
Geospatial Corporation utilizes integrated technologies to determine the accurate location and position of underground pipelines, conduits and other underground infrastructure data, allowing Geospatial to create accurate 3D digital maps and models of underground infrastructure. The Company manages the infrastructure data on its cloud-based GIS portal called GeoUnderground, a proprietary GIS platform custom designed around the Google Maps API.