SimActive Inc. photogrammetry software, Correlator3D, is being utilized by Trumbull Unmanned. The solution is being used as a part of their emergency response services. This includes rapid mapping of oil spills and pipeline inspections for large surveys.

“Processing time and clarity of results are vital for emergency response,” says Dyan Gibbens, CEO of Trumbull Unmanned. “Correlator3D provides that to us directly in the field.”

Trumbull Unmanned integrates unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the oil and gas industry, and provides customer-specific data solutions.

“Trumbull Unmanned supports oil and gas as well as environmental efforts with their UAV expertise and experience,” says Philippe Simard, president of SimActive. “We are proud to support their critical applications.”

For a live demonstration at AUVSI XPONENTIAL, May 9-11 in Dallas, visit SimActive’s booth.

About SimActive

SimActive is the developer of Correlator3D software, a patented end-to-end photogrammetry solution for the generation of high-quality geospatial data from satellite and aerial imagery, including UAVs. Correlator3D performs aerial triangulation (AT) and produces dense digital surface models (DSM), digital terrain models (DTM), point clouds, orthomosaics and vectorized 3D features. SimActive sells Correlator3D to mapping firms and government organizations around the world.