Indoor Reality, recently featured in GeoDataPoint’s digital edition, has announced the official release of its backpack and handheld indoor mobile mapping systems.

“The resulting data collected from the unprecedented fusion of technology enables property owners, facility managers and other stakeholders to collaborate, coordinate and communicate with each other throughout the life cycle of a property: from feasibility analysis, design, construction, and operation and maintenance,” says  Founder and CEO Avideh Zakhor.

The solution consists of two wearable hardware systems for data capture, which share a common SaaS (Software- as-a-Service) pipeline in order to:

  • Create feature-rich point clouds, and 3D CAD (Revit) models for BIM
  • Interactively visualize and virtually navigate inside the photo-realistic 3D models via an intuitive Web interface, allowing for 3D tagging of objects and dimension measurements
  • Automatically locate assets and people inside buildings (indoor GPS)

“Particularly gratifying at this stage of our development is that we have already mapped over 1 million square feet of building space since March 2016, when our service operations were launched. This includes universities, hospitals, train stations, airports, high-tech construction and commercial buildings,” Zakhor says.

About Indoor Reality

Founded in 2015, Indoor Reality is headquartered in Berkeley, Calif. Indoor Reality’s patented hardware and software platforms provide a complete solution for fast, automated, visual building documentation and 3D mapping.