The National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS) formally announced its 2017 officers at its general membership meeting on March 17. NSPS Executive Director Curt Sumner led the presentation and asked the members present to vocally express their support to help the new officers in discharging their duties.

The new officers include Armand Marois, Director-at- Large; Tony Cavell, Immediate Past President; Lisa Van Horn, Vice President; Kim Leavitt, President-Elect; and Jan Fokens, President.

NSPS is a professional surveyors association open to all professional surveyors and to persons trained, registered, or interested in the profession of surveying and mapping. Its mission is to establish and further common interests, objectives and political efforts that would further bind the surveying profession into a unified body in the U.S.

Objectives include advancement of the sciences and disciplines within the profession; enhancing the image of the profession in the eyes of the public through an active public relations program; encouraging cooperation between public and private practices; establishing channels of communication with other national and international societies; advancing the protection of public welfare as it is related to surveying and mapping issues; encouraging high standards of ethical behavior among professional surveyors; supporting new methods of surveying and promoting good business practices; monitoring national and state laws and regulations; and encouraging improved higher education in surveying.

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