senseFly and AirMap, an airspace management platform for drones, are collaborating. AirMap’s airspace services will be delivered to senseFly’s eBee fixed-wing drones and albris quadcopter.

AirMap’s airspace platform services will be directly integrated into senseFly’s eMotion flight and data management software, providing professional operators and their drones with critical information and tools to increase mission safety.

“senseFly is pushing the boundaries of drone innovation, demonstrating the tremendous potential of intelligent drones to help us do business and benefit our everyday lives,” says AirMap CEO Ben Marcus, who also serves as the industry co-chair for the FAA/industry Unmanned Aircraft Safety Team. “We’re excited to partner with senseFly to realize safe, efficient commercial drone operations.”

AirMap’s situational awareness data includes airspace rules and advisories, locations of critical infrastructure, and real-time alerts about nearby manned air traffic flying in surrounding airspace. senseFly drones will also begin leveraging AirMap’s flight planning tools and solutions for Unmanned Traffic Management, including technology that will allow senseFly drones to submit digital flight notices to more than 125 airports.

 “By partnering with AirMap and adding industry-leading airspace intelligence to the mix, we are taking another big leap forward and ensuring that our customers’ commercial drone operations are safer and more effective than ever,” says senseFly CEO Jean-Christophe Zufferey.

senseFly’s aerial imaging drones have flown nearly 400,000 successful flights to date, mapping more than 49 million acres across seven continents. While a human operator can take control at any time, senseFly drones are typically flown automatically, capturing photos and landing themselves.

The AirMap platform powers drones around the world, providing real-time airspace information and services. More than 125 airports use AirMap’s airspace management dashboard to open surrounding airspace to drones, view past and current drone flights, accept digital flight notices, and communicate with drone operators.

About senseFly

senseFly develops and produces aerial imaging drones for professional applications. The automated data collection tools are employed by customers around the world in fields such as surveying, agriculture, GIS, industrial inspection, mining and humanitarian aid. senseFly was founded in 2009 by a team of robotics researchers is now a specialist in professional mapping drones.