Maser Consulting P.A., a nationwide consulting engineering company, is teaming with Pulse Aerospace, a developer of helicopter unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the U.S. The two will work together to integrate Pulse’s UAS flight control, payload and endurance capabilities technology into high-value UAS solutions.

“Pulse Aerospace is the clear leader in UAS technology and we see their platforms being instrumental in our development of quantifiable UAS sensor technology workflows,” says Mark Pitchford, national director of UAS technologies for Maser Consulting. “Their value proposition in flight control software, flight time, payload flexibility and stability are critical for advanced UAS sensor deployment.  Pulse’s willingness to adapt pricing models to meet the needs of both industry and public agencies puts advanced UAS sensor technology within reach for many organizations.”

Maser Consulting recently expanded its expertise in measurement technologies, including terrestrial and mobile LiDAR, into UAS-based measurement solutions. The combination of Maser Consulting as solution provider with Pulse’s UAS technology is expected to fill a void between understanding customer needs and the development of customized UAS technology solutions for Maser’s customers.

Maser Consulting currently provides survey and measurement support for construction, transportation and development support, primarily across the U.S.  By adding UAS technology, Maser Consulting is able to provide measurement solutions specifically designed for the power utility, oil and gas, environmental, and emergency response markets.  The Maser Consulting UAS team has thousands of UAS flight hours and more than 100 years of combined engineering consulting expertise.

Pulse Aerospace designs and manufactures the VAPOR family of UAV aircraft.  For over a decade, Pulse has been working with a broad array of industries and UAS users including agriculture, mining, survey (geospatial), emergency management, energy, university, military and non-military government agencies. The company’s VAPOR systems carry a wide array of sensors, gamma, magtometers, and both spectral and infrared cameras. This state-of-the-art technology is designed to help customers collect data quickly and efficiently to make actionable decisions.

“It’s the commitment to drive sensor integration and UAS hardware that makes Pulse Aerospace the ideal partner for Maser Consulting,” says Aaron Lessig, Pulse Aerospace CEO. “Our capabilities in payload, flight time and mission precision are the perfect complement to the high value workflows Maser Consulting has been developing.”

About Maser Consulting

Maser Consulting offers advanced survey services to rail customers nationwide through the use of GPS, geospatial survey including mobile LiDAR and the AMBERG GRP system. The firm employs standard and creative solutions for capturing comprehensive track geometry and corridor data in the unique rail and tunnel environments backed by a full range of engineering and design services.

About Pulse Aerospace

Pulse Aerospace products are designed with flight time, payload and precise flight control in mind. Pulse Aerospace is a commercial unmanned aircraft system (UAS) developer for users in several industries including emergency management, telecom, energy and agriculture.