Drone World Expo is preparing for its 3rd annual event, which will return to the San Jose Convention Center, Oct. 3-4.  The exhibit hall will feature more than 100 exhibiting companies showcasing and demonstrating the newest drone products and solutions, alongside an education program featuring a lineup of end users, industry and government experts. 

"We are thrilled to be working with such an extraordinary and active advisory board to help us develop a unique and forward-thinking educational program, which will offer diverse perspectives from more than 100 end users and thought leaders," says Joelle Coretti, vice president and event director for Drone World Expo.  "We received nothing but positive feedback from the thousands who joined us at 2016's Drone World Expo.  We've just held our first board meeting of the year and we're already off to a great start, once again designing a program for the industry, by the industry."   

The Advisory Board has already begun to identify the most pressing topics to focus on for 2017, and prospective presenters are invited to submit ideas for sessions and case studies. Proposed sessions should be related to commercial applications and issues including how drones are enabling and enhancing construction, agriculture, video and film, law enforcement, public safety, energy, oil and gas, catastrophe response, mapping and surveying, communications, delivery, research and conservation, humanitarian relief, firefighting, search and rescue operations and more.  For the criteria for speaker and session submissions, and to submit your proposal, visit http://droneworldexpo.com/tospeak.asp.  

In addition to the education program, there will be more than 100 companies displaying new products and services on the show floor.  Many of the exhibitors from the 2016 event responded enthusiastically about their experience at the trade show and have already secured space for 2017.  If interested in learning about exhibiting or sponsored speaking opportunities, contact Michael Driscoll at driscollm@jdevents.com  or 203-416-1924.