An in-kind gift from Trimble will expand the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s leadership in training and research in 3D building design, digital fabrication and the sustainable built environment. Partnering with Trimble allows UMass Amherst to more fully integrate across its curricula the technological tools that are transforming how building and living environments are designed and constructed.

The gift was made to the University’s Building and Construction Technology Program (BCT) in the College of Natural Sciences and is part of the successful $300 million-plus UMass Rising fundraising campaign. It will launch the 1,300-square-foot Trimble Technology Lab in the new Design Building at UMass Amherst. The lab will include equipment such as Trimble’s laser scanners, advanced robotic surveying systems, imaging rovers, GNSS receivers and many of Trimble’s software packages including RealWorks scanning software, Trimble Business Center, Vico Office Suite, GCEstimator Suite, Tekla Structures, Sefaira Architecture and its 3D modeling software SketchUp Pro.

“This relationship highlights Trimble as a forward-thinking company, and I commend it for its very strong commitment to education, research and public service,” says Steve Goodwin, dean of the College of Natural Sciences. “The possibilities of the Trimble Technology Lab are limitless. As many more students and faculty across campus have access to these technologies, UMass Amherst will broaden our applications of surveying, 3D building modeling, performance analysis, and digital fabrication in new and exciting ways.”

Potential applications of the technologies include the scanning of historic buildings to ensure their preservation, design and 3D printing of architectural building models, digital fabrication of custom lab equipment, coastal erosion monitoring, and improvements in construction cost estimating and scheduling to reduce costs.

“We are extremely excited by our new relationship with UMass. Trimble’s broad portfolio is highly relevant for students at the university,” says Roz Buick, Trimble vice pPle V Buick, ,ip with UMass.ion...t.resident. “The next generation of architecture, engineering, construction and operations professionals will be able to experience the breadth and depth of our construction lifecycle solutions. We also look forward to supporting and learning from these new professionals as they experience and apply our solutions to real-world applications in their curricula.”

At the onset the Trimble Technology Lab will benefit three colleges and four departments: College of Natural Sciences (the Building and Construction Technology Program, Department of Environmental Conservation, and the Department of Geosciences), College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning), and the College of Humanities and Fine Arts (Department of Architecture).

“We are very excited about receiving this state-of-the art technology and to be able to share these new capabilities with our colleagues in the Design Building — the Department of Architecture and the Department of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning,” says Alexander Schreyer, senior lecturer and BCT’s program director. He is also the author of the popular textbook “Architectural Design with SketchUp.”

About Trimble
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