A highlight for Riegl during Geospatial World Forum 2017 was the special achievement award given to Dr. Johannes Riegl, founder and CEO of the Riegl group. The award recognizes more than 30 years of dedication to excellence, innovation and major geospatial industry contributions.

During the award ceremony, Riegl stated that he felt very pleased and honored to receive such a distinguished award from Geospatial Media. He accepted it with special thanks to his companions throughout the years.

“We have attended Geospatial World events for several years now. However this year’s event was a very special one, Dr. Riegl receiving his award, which all of us at Riegl take as a special motivation for the future,” says , Johannes Riegl Jr.,Riegl CMO. This year’s Geospatial World Forum was also the occasion of celebrating the 250 year anniversary of Survey of India. We sincerely congratulate India’s National Mapping Organization to be one of the oldest survey agencies in the world.”

During GWF 2017 exhibition RIEGL displayed some of the latest products of their broad product portfolio in cooperation with their distribution partner for India, MeaTech Solutions. Products included at the Hyderabad, India, event included terrestrial, mobile, airborne and UAV-based laser scanning systems, including the survey-grade RiCOPTER UAV/LiDAR platform.

Several Riegl presentations held during the conference discussed the performance of RIEGL’s Waveform-LiDAR technology and how it is able to contribute to various surveying challenges in applications such as topographic mapping, hydrography, 3D city modeling, or first-responder support via high-performance UAVs.

About Riegl

Riegl delivers cutting-edge technology in airborne, mobile, terrestrial and the newest unmanned laser scanning solutions. Riegl specializes in the mobile mapping, civil infrastructure, airborne scanning, unmanned, hydrographic, bathymetric, mining and terrestrial based industries. Instruments are ruggedly designed for reliability under demanding environmental conditions. Riegl USA, located in Orlando, Fla., serves as the North American center of sales, training and support for all Riegl products.