Topcon Positioning Group designs, manufactures and distributes precise positioning products and solutions for the global surveying, construction, civil engineering, BIM, mapping, mining, asset management and mobile control markets. Its mission is to provide superior end-to-end business solutions for the industries it serves by integrating high-precision measurement technology, software and data. Topcon exists to improve productivity and workflow to meet global demand for sustainable infrastructure. Topcon provides advanced technologies that create greater efficiencies and accuracies for users such as the new Elite Survey Suite — which includes the new GT series of robotic total stations, HiPer HR hybrid GNSS receiver, FC-5000 field computer and MAGNET® 4.0 software system — providing Topcon flagship geopositioning products and technology in one system. It is packed with new features that make secure connectivity, precision, and productivity easier and faster than ever before. Topcon also provides advanced aerial mapping solutions like the Sirius Pro fixed-wing UAS and the Intel Falcon 8+ rotary-wing UAS — allowing operators to easily create affordable aerial maps or conduct detailed inspections at any time, in any location.