Aerotas enables mapping professionals to use drones profitably, effectively, and reliably. With the Aerotas Mapping System, Aerotas has helped dozens of land surveyors, civil engineers, photogrammetrists, and other mapping professionals to use drones as profitable tools in their businesses.

The Aerotas Mapping System provides everything that a company needs to start mapping by drone. Included are a drone capable of mapping to 0.1’ horizontal and 0.2’ vertical accuracy, as well as all the equipment needed to operate and transport the drone. This complete turn-key solution also comes packaged with asset and liability insurance, FAA registration and certification support, and operations training for staff. As part of a streamlined workflow, the System includes a data processing service, as well as software to create CAD-supported deliverables.

At $8,700, the Aerotas Mapping System is the most cost-effective and comprehensive option for companies looking to own and profitably operate a mapping drone. With the included training, surveyors are able to start utilizing the drone on projects in as little as two weeks.

Aerotas Mapping System clients report savings of 60% of time on topographic and planimetric mapping jobs, as well as additional savings from reducing their reliance on outsourced aerial contractors. The System further enables them to collect a verifiable record of every project, minimizing the chance of survey crews missing a shot in the field.

Start capitalizing on the huge opportunity of drone technology today. Learn more at, or by contacting Aerotas at or (510) 671-0693.