On the island of Euboea, Greece’s second largest island, just off the coast of Athens, surveys for two legs of a new water pipeline were recently completed with remarkably different efficiencies.  The difference, according to the lead survey engineer, Epameinondas Valtinos, was directly attributable to Spectra Precision’s SP80 GNSS receiver.

The 155-kilometer first leg used three conventional GNSS receivers and a total station, was completed in 25 days for productivity of 6 kilometers per day.  The second 75-kilometer leg was completed in seven days using two Spectra Precision SP80 GNSS receivers and a total station for productivity of almost 11 kilometers per day — almost doubling survey speed. 

Both legs traversed rugged, heavily forested and mountainous terrain. The second leg with even denser foliage and semi-urban sections made it more difficult than the first leg, according to Valtinos.  It had been estimated that the second leg would take 14 days, but because of the efficiency of the SP80’s, it was done in half the estimated time, and importantly, with fewer personnel.

The first leg using conventional GNSS receivers employed seven people, one base and three rovers.  The second leg employing the SP80 required only five people, plus one base and two rovers.  The SP80 yielded an overall efficiency of 5.35 kilometers/person/day compared to 2.06 kilometers/person/day for the other GNSS receivers, for an overall efficiency gain of 160 percent.

The new pipeline will connect a new dam, Seta Manikia, currently under construction, to provide municipal water service to new areas of the island.

The Spectra Precision dealer in Greece, JGC Geoinformation Systems S.A., provided sales support and technical training to the survey team headed by Epameinondas Valtinos.

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