Septentrio has launched 5.1.0 firmware for the PolaRx5 product line of GNSS reference receivers. The new firmware brings advancements for file management, usability, security and seismic monitoring. The PolaRx5 product line of GNSS reference receivers includes the PolaRx5 for CORS and network operations, the PolaRx5TR for time and frequency transfer, and the PolaRx5S for space weather applications.

“The 5.1.0 PolaRx5 firmware continues Septentrio’s commitment to its customers,” says Francesca Clemente, PolaRx product manager. “The new features of the 5.1.0 firmware complement existing standard features of the PolaRx5 GNSS receivers such as advanced interference mitigation technology (AIM+) and the web UI offering full user control and status to make PolaRx5 the most complete GNSS reference station on the market today.”

Improvements in precise point positioning (PPP) have opened the door on seismic monitoring using GNSS technology.  In addition to allowing precise measurement of long-term slow surface displacement, PolaRx5 now allows real-time recording of the high-frequency vibrations typically accompanying earthquakes. Firmware 5.1.0 introduces the support for on-board PPP and dynamic response tuned for seismic applications.

The firmware release brings greater logging efficiency to the PolaRx5 users. To improve archival functionality, Septentrio has developed a storage integrity feature to retransmit only the data that has been lost in the initial transmission. This avoids the unnecessary overhead of retransmitting complete files.

The PolaRx5 product line is now also equipped with firewall and IP filtering, SFTP and ssh keys. This complements and strengthens the user management and access level protection of the GNSS reference receivers.

The new firmware is now available on Septentrio’s website.

About Septentrio

Septentrio designs, manufactures and sells high-precision, multi-frequency, multi-constellation GPS/GNSS equipment, which is used in demanding applications in a variety of industries including marine, construction, agriculture, survey and mapping, GIS, and UAVs. Septentrio receivers deliver GNSS positions scalable to centimeter level, and perform under heavy scintillation or jamming. Septentrio receivers are available as OEM boards, housed receivers and smart antennas.