Eos Systems Inc. has introduced new photogrammetry software designed specifically for photographs taken with drones. The new PhotoModeler UAS 2016 software creates 3D models, measurements and maps from photographs taken with ordinary cameras built in or mounted on drones. It includes numerous features for optimized operation with drone photos including post-processing kinematics (PPK), volume objects, full geographic coordinate systems support, multispectral image support and control point assist.

Eos Systems will be showing the new PhotoModeler UAS product at the Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, Oct. 31 to Nov. 2 and will offer the new software at $2,275, 35 percent off the normal price, from November. 1-30.

The new version of PhotoModeler is suited for drone photogrammetry applications including surveying, ground contouring, surface model creation, stock pile volume measurement, mining and mine reclamation, environmental analysis, slope analysis, forensic analysis, construction, and agricultural crop analysis. New applications for drone photogrammetry are developed monthly. 

PhotoModeler UAS 2016 software features provide higher performance in drone photogrammetry.  Camera calibration is optimized for high accuracy with drones and the global positioning system (GPS). Post-processed kinematics (PPK) makes it possible to correct a survey with GPS data after the fact for survey-grade accuracy. Volume objects provide easy and accurate volume data for stock piles and mining operations. Full geographic coordinate system support enables users to work in their local geographic coordinate system for better compatibility. Support is provided for multispectral images including normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) surface models and ortho-mosaics for precision agriculture. An intuitive interface is provided for efficiently marking ground control points.

About Eos Systems

Eos Systems Inc. is the developer of the PhotoModeler software, and has been a specialist in versatile close-range photogrammetry solutions for more than 23 years. PhotoModeler software is used by thousands of companies worldwide in engineering, architecture, surveying, crime and accident reconstruction, and film production. The software is also optimized for users of drone photography to generate real-world measurements and maps.  Eos Systems is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.