Teledyne Optech has released the Optech Lynx HS-600 mobile LiDAR scanner. Available in single- and dual-sensor configurations, the HS-600 is a major step forward for collecting uniform LiDAR data from high-speed platforms, Teledyne Optech says.

“The bottleneck to high-resolution LiDAR data at vehicle speeds over 40 kilometers per hour is not the laser measurement rate," says Ana Kersting, product manager at Teledyne Optech. “Focusing on high laser measurement rates will not add data where it is currently lacking. Instead, maintaining a uniform point distribution on the target depends mainly on the scanner speed. With the Lynx HS-600 we took the Lynx SG’s 300 lines/second per sensor, which was already the fastest in the industry, and doubled it to a blistering 600 lines/second per sensor, delivering a dramatic increase in effective resolution.”

The HS-600 model is an addition to the Lynx product line and complements the Optech Lynx SG and SG-S models by providing 1,200 lines/second scanner speeds on the dual-sensor version. This, combined with a 1.6-MHz collection rate, Optech LMS Pro processing software, and Teledyne Optech’s commitment to optimum accuracy, ensure that mobile survey-grade LiDAR data can be collected at very high resolution, even at high vehicle speeds.

About Teledyne Optech

Teledyne Optech is a world leader in high-accuracy LiDAR 3D survey systems, integrated cameras and productivity-enhancing workflows. With operations and staff worldwide, Teledyne Optech offers both standalone and fully integrated LiDAR and camera solutions for airborne mapping, airborne LiDAR bathymetry, mobile mapping, terrestrial laser scanning, mine cavity monitoring and industrial process control, as well as space-proven sensors.