Arithmetica’s SphereVision Project Builder, new 360-degree imaging software, features a more refined and streamlined workflow, enabling users to more easily bridge the gap between 360-degree content and site- or location-specific information. An improved interface intuitively guides users through the creation of 360-degree routes and hotspots, while a new Measurement Module enables iSTAR panoramic camera users to capture measurements directly from within a spherical image.

“Over the past year SphereVision has been evolving, culminating in the launch of SphereVision Project Builder,” says Mark Senior, business development manager at Arithmetica. “SphereVision Project Builder enables users to easily and quickly create 360-degree environments with links to documents, plans and layouts, as well as additional visuals and audio. This detailed information can then be viewed and shared with colleagues and clients.”

SphereVision Project Builder will be on display at Intergeo 2016, a conference and trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management, which takes place from Oct. 11 through 13 in Hamburg, Germany. SphereVision will be located in booth C1.062, in Hall A1.

SphereVision Project Builder imports 360-degree content from a wide range of camera and sensor systems. The intuitive interface guides the user through the creation of 360 degree routes with hotspots to provide greater awareness of a project area or journey. Users can integrate aerial imagery, maps and floor plans, for example, giving a geographical or locational base for the project. Additional rich media can be added, including high-resolution photographs, video and audio clips, survey data and documents, to further enhance the interactive experience.

For users of the industrial grade iSTAR panoramic camera, there is also brand new functionality for capturing measurements from directly within a spherical image. The new Measurement Module is the result of a partnership between Arithmetica and NCTech. It has applications including forensic evidence collection, built surveying, asset management and construction.

SphereVision Project Builder users can distribute finished projects, alongside the free Viewer for Windows, for colleagues and clients to see.  At INTERGEO, SphereVision will also be demonstrating the soon to be released HTML5 version of the Viewer.

About Arithmetica 

Arithmetica specializes in 360-degree imaging solutions and automated laser scanning data processing software. Located at Shepperton Studios near London, Arithmetica is the company behind SphereVision and Pointfuse. Arithmetica is a software house that develops software solutions to solve real-world scientific, medical and engineering problems. Arithmetica builds on more than 30 years of television and film production to develop software for clients around the world.