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Teaching Young Surveyors

I am writing in response to your column in the June 2016 issue of POB. [Teaching Young Surveyors, Pg. 6]

I couldn’t agree more with your editorial. Even though I’ve never been formally hired as an instructor at an academic institution, I’d always taken advantage of any opportunity and forum to preach the gospel of land surveying and geomatics. I admire the effort and passion of all surveying program teachers, but we could help a lot, as a complement, providing a practical experienced point of view. I wholeheartedly agree with you that money should not be our motivation when spreading the word of surveying to high school, college students or recent graduates. If we are willing to do it without compensation, there are several opportunities such as high school career days, university open houses, symposiums and meet-and-greet activities sponsored by student organizations.

At the high school level, the ACE Mentor Program is a great opportunity. I’ve been an ACE Mentor for the past four years and as one of the founding mentors of the Puerto Rico Affiliate, I have introduced plenty of high school students to the unknown world and wonders of surveying, GIS and geomatics...

I also agree with you that knowledge is our greatest asset and it must be shared. I would like to add that we should also share it with the not-so-young surveyors that we can identify as having a hard time keeping up with modern technologies. This can be accomplished by becoming an instructor of continuous education where you can share your experience while giving colleagues the opportunity to earn CE credits. In my experience, the easiest way to achieve this would be through your professional association, and there might even be a possibility for extra income while doing so. Keep up the good work at POB Magazine.

Alexis Ocasio