TopoLift is the world’s first automatic tripod developed for tripod-based laser scanning operations. Clearly the advent of terrestrial mobile LiDAR systems traveling at highway speeds represented a huge productivity leap from acquiring data on stationary tripods. However, as the dust settles within the market, it appears this big step from simple tripod to mobile platform has left a void where neither system quite meets the cost/performance demand of many transportation corridor, campus, complex urban areas and similar applications. Such applications are typically characterized as just a few miles in length or tens of acres in area and not demanding expensive maintenance of traffic operations such as full lane closures. TopoLift, a new innovation in traditional tripod platform technology, is well positioned to meet the requirements of these applications.

In these limited area applications, both static tripod and mobile operations are often still more costly than traditional survey technology. While tripod laser scanning productivity has increased from about six to 20 scans per day, the operational costs along many roadway applications still exceed that of traditional survey technology. As for mobile systems, the need to amortize high initial price and ongoing support often results in more expensive per mile cost for shorter roadway projects than traditional survey. In addition, mobile LiDAR applications are degraded in areas where GPS availability is limited and/or driving long predictable trajectories is impractical. TopoLift is ideally positioned in price and performance between static tripod and terrestrial mobile LiDAR systems in this relatively large market niche.

TopoLift users around the country report projects exceeding budgetary and performance expectations; typically paying for the TopoLift within the first one or two projects. TopoLift is offered by TopoLift JV LLC in Orlando, Fla. (under marketing agreement with Certainty 3D LLC).

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