TopoDOT: Your Complete LiDAR Data Workflow Solution!

You’ve invested heavily in laser scanning technology. You have point clouds. Now, your customers demand high-quality CAD models!

Certainty 3D LLC was created as a result of the many different customers’ needs in the market. The company’s extensive background in LiDAR technology and developing tools for surveyors, engineers, architects and such resulted in an unrivaled product with almost a decade of development and improvements — great innovations, market-leading features and integrated tools that provide customers with benefits such as time savings, great deliverables and ROI like no other.

TopoDOT is the comprehensive solution you need to meet the challenges of point cloud data. Many software applications focus on point clouds as just data. In contrast, TopoDOT was developed to address the requirements of the “process.” Thus, TopoDOT is not just a “point-cloud processing tool.” TopoDOT is a comprehensive solution that successfully addresses the challenges of processing LiDAR data across the spectrum of data management, quality assessment, and extraction of high-quality features, topographies and 3D models. The TopoDOT process thus assures that downstream design, engineering and construction processes will receive information and models of the highest possible quality from LiDAR data.

TopoDOT includes tools to manage, store and share your data from an FTP server, Bentley’s ProjectWise or Amazon Web Services using the integrated TopoCloud feature. Assess and quantify your data quality using TopoDOT’s automatic tools and well documented workflows. Extract features, topographies and 3D models of unrivaled quality using TopoDOT’s extensive modeling tool suite. TopoDOT is affordable, focuses on performance and ensures greater productivity while delivering higher-quality CAD models on schedule at the right price.

Certainty 3D’s professionals pride themselves in their commitment and the level of service they provide to all of their customers. They offer different licensing options to meet your specific needs, including training and support that is unparalleled. Give them a call!

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