Frontier Precision has acquired Electronic Data Solutions (Elecdata), an Idaho-based company.  Frontier Precision says it looks forward to having the expertise and professionalism of Elecdata as part of the Frontier Precision family and operating as a branch office in the Jerome, Idaho location.

Electronic Data Solutions has been an authorized distributor, professional service provider and software developer specializing in field data collection since 1986.  Founded by Linda Dean Glover and David Dean, Elecdata has served customers in a wide variety of industries, including: forestry, natural resources, local government, transportation, agriculture, mosquito/vector control, weed control, utilities, environmental, solid waste, oil and gas, water resources, and wetland delineations. 

Frontier Precision says it expects the addition of Elecdata’s customer service and diverse portfolio to allow its customers to have a true one source business partner, providing new hardware, software and support products.

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