Lead’Air Inc. has developed a new MIDAS 300P with a Phase One IXU-R 1000 - 100mp nadir camera with a 50-millimeter lens, plus four Phase One IXU 150 - 50mp oblique cameras with 80-millimeter lenses. The combination of the two camera models creates a high-quality, medium format imaging system for combination oblique/vertical image capture, Lead’Air says.

In addition, another recent development is the Lead’Air MIDAS 300PC, which incorporates a high-resolution Phase One IXU-R 1000 - 100mp nadir camera with a 50-millimeter lens and four Canon 5DS-R – 50mp oblique cameras with 85-millimeter lenses. The combination allows offers users a high-resolution nadir camera with the economical, professional quality small format cameras for oblique image capture, the company says.

These two in combination with the MIDAS Chimera II, which features five Phase One IXU-R 1000 - 100mp cameras with a 50-millimeter nadir lens and 70mm oblique lenses, provides a full complement of options for MIDAS Phase One systems.

Capturing from 300 up to 500 megapixels per second, the systems are easily capable of photographing and storing more than 15,000 images per hour.

Lead’Air’s systems are upgradable, so if users already own a MIDAS system, they are encouraged to contact Lead’Air to upgrade to one of the above metioned configurations.

The systems are controlled by the MIDAS Computer Control Center, which contains all the necessary controls for each camera, IMU, Navigation interface, stabilized mount and all power functions for the system. Displays for managing and monitoring the data are also provided.

Utilizing the latest MIDAS Flight Planning Software, the user is able to create flight plans and analyze the layout to ensure the area is covered from every angle by every camera.

The MIDAS Acquisition Series has been in use worldwide since 2004 and boasts over 100 systems delivered to date.

About Lead’Air Inc.

Lead’Air has specialized in and has continually developed efficiency tools for the aerial survey profession for more than 20 years, including Track’Air sensor control software and hardware, the development and manufacturing of MIDAS multi camera digital acquisition systems for 3D modeling, and large and small format IMU stabilized mounts for many types of sensors. The company provides general and custom solutions for their worldwide consumer base.