senseFly is partnering with Ascentium Capital and Transport Risk Management to offer drone insurance, finance and leasing packages in the U.S. With interest rates as low as 0 percent, the packages include an extended warranty and scheduled maintenance for greater return on investment.

“What we are announcing today is a simplified, first-of-its-kind way for operators to get up and running with senseFly’s aerial imaging drones,” says Jean-Christophe Zufferey, senseFly CEO. “By choosing a joint financing and insurance package, operators can benefit from full cost transparency — knowing all their monthly costs up front, with no additional expensive surprises, and feel safe in the knowledge that their aircraft is fully covered against all eventualities.”

For example, Zufferey says, for mapping and agricultural professionals like surveyors and agronomists, a monthly premium of under $1,000 enables them to immediately start flying the senseFly eBee.

Available immediately via senseFly’s network of U.S. distribution partners, the finance and insurance options allow senseFly customers to finance or lease a professional drone inclusive of extended limited warranty coverage, including scheduled maintenance, for the full term of their lease or finance agreement (up to 36 months). Customers also have the option to own the equipment at the end of the lease term.

“Our senseFly package rates are significantly lower than industry norms, offering senseFly buyers a highly cost-effective option to professional drone ownership,” says Greg Peterson, senior vice president of sales at Ascentium Capital. “We are delighted to be associated with a real drone success story and look forward to helping more and more operators reap the benefits of senseFly’s cutting-edge tools.”

Transport Risk Management Inc. has pre-underwritten all senseFly customers, allowing them to purchase, finance or lease a senseFly drone inclusive of instant comprehensive insurance coverage for the full term of their lease or finance agreement.

“The senseFly all-inclusive insurance package is an innovative first-of-its-kind program that eliminates the time-consuming underwriting struggles most unmanned aircraft owners and operators face,” says Terry Miller, president at Transport Risk Management Inc. “Thanks to senseFly’s incredible record of platform reliability, which our claim data proves is one of the very best in the industry, we are able to provide very low rates for liability and hull insurance.”

Financing and insurance options are available for all senseFly drones ­— both eBee-branded fixed-wing mapping drones and the Albris inspection UAS — via senseFly’s network of U.S. distribution partners.

About senseFly

senseFly develops and produces aerial imaging drones for professional applications. The automated data collection tools are employed by customers around the world in fields such as surveying, agriculture, GIS, industrial inspection, mining and humanitarian aid. senseFly was founded in 2009 by a team of robotics researchers is now a specialist in professional mapping drones.