Botlink is introducing Botlink Everywhere, which allows users to acquire and process drone sensor data anywhere, even when outside the range of a cellular network.

“Our users now have the best of both worlds — the ability to fly, capture and upload data using a cell network when it’s available, as well as the ability to continue using the same platform even in areas where the network is unavailable,” says Terri Zimmerman, CEO of Botlink. “We see this as an opportunity to bring our drone platform to the widest audience possible.”

Botlink users can continue to use cellular control and data upload features where reliable 4G/LTE coverage exists, using their Botlink XRD device installed on their UAS.

In areas where no cellular network is available, Botlink Everywhere saves aerial imagery and sensor data to a microSD Card built into the Botlink XRD. Users can then simply transfer the memory card from their drone to their computer upon touchdown and upload and process the data using the Botlink web portal.

By expanding the capabilities of their drone data acquisition and distribution platform, Botlink can now provide service to customers globally, regardless of the cellular network coverage in the region.

Botlink is currently available to U.S. customers and is expanding quickly into Canada. Other international markets, including Australia, have also shown interest in the platform.

Botlink Everywhere is built into the Botlink version 2.0 release, which is available now as a free update for existing users.

About Botlink

Botlink is a cloud-based operations platform that links drones to industry in real time. The platform allows users to capture, process and deliver aerial imagery anywhere, including into existing business software. Botlink gives teams the ability to make time-sensitive and collaborative decisions, even while a drone is still airborne. Botlink also provides automated drone control and safety features such as airspace alerts, manned aircraft avoidance and weather advisories, allowing operators to remain safe and compliant with complex flight regulations.