CompassTools is introducing CompassDrone to provide airframes, software, services and support to geospatial professionals for drone remote sensing data collection.  For industrial drone based Imagery, point cloud or IR data collection projects, CompassDrone is designed to match the right airframe and software to meet user requirements.

“It is not just about cool pictures,” says Hayden Howard, vice president, CompassData. “Geospatial professionals need industrial grade tools to produce accurate, high-resolution solutions for their projects. CompassDrone is committed to providing the best solution for drone-based data collection.”

CompassDrone is a division of CompassTools and sells DJI, Trimble Navigation Limited and Swift Radioplanes airframes with the processing software to produce products to support the imagery professional. CompassDrone is the first Industrial dealer for DJI, a leading drone manufacture.

New FAA Part 107 regulations empower organizations to use fixed-wing and rotary wing drones as an important tool to collect small and medium size areas of interest. CompassDrone will support those organizations to operate within FAA regulations, purchase a complete bundle of airframe, software, training and services needed to make mapping projects successful.

“It is the wild, wild west in the drone business today,” says Mitch Tweedy, product manager at CompassDrone. “Professional organizations are required to meet FAA standards for flights and need reliable equipment and processes that meet mission requirements and reduce potential liability.” 

 CompassDrone is a one-stop-shop, providing services and spare parts for the airframe. Rental packages are available for qualified fliers to get systems on demand. Sales, rentals, support and training of GPS survey equipment for ground control measurement are also offered, in addition to software packages.

About CompassDrone

CompassDrone is a division of CompassTools Inc. in Centennial, Colo., and part of the Compass family of businesses founded in 1994, specializing in collecting high-quality, spatially-accurate data for geographic information systems (GIS) applications, photogrammetry, LiDAR and remotely sensed data. CompassDrone is a full service dealer for sale, rental or lease of DJI, Trimble Navigation Limited and Swift Radioplanes airframes.