Each week GeoDataPoint finds a selection of good reads related to hot topics in the geospatial community. This week, national media are all over the latest trend: Drones as wedding and party photographers!

The New York Times writes: "The next time you go to a wedding, be sure your hair is done, your lipstick is on, and your Jockeys aren’t sticking out of your pants. You never know if a drone is lurking in the sky about to zoom in and take your picture." They even have a video to accompany the article.

And The Atlantic discusses "The Rise of the Wedding Drone."

In non-party news: Automotive News reports that Bosch will sell a laser-based radar by 2020.

"German supplier Robert Bosch GmbH will sell a laser-based radar known as lidar by 2020 to meet demand for high-tech sensors in autos, an executive said.

Many of today's driver assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control, rely on traditional radar or cameras. But automakers, suppliers and outside technology companies have started using lidar -- which uses beams of light instead of radio waves -- to get the high-resolution images needed for self-driving cars."

PC World asks: Could drones get X-ray vision through Wi-Fi?

Just for fun: The Huffington Post put together the most stunning drone footage they could find and then naturally GIFed. The GIFs include political protest in Bangkok, fireworks in Nashville, curving roads in San Francisco, and all sorts of interesting events around the world.

And, finally, in case you missed it: A tourist seeking to take pictures of Yellowstone National Park crashed a camera-equipped drone into its largest hot spring, possibly damaging the prized geothermal feature, a park official said Wednesday, Aug. 6.