Each week GeoDataPoint finds a selection of good reads related to hot topics in the geospatial community. Hope everyone had a great long weekend. We'll start this week's roundup with a quirky one: Martha Stewart expounds on her love of UAVs in Vanity Fair this month. She says she owns a Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition and uses it to survey her property. She recommends readers buy it! In other links, Autodesk partners with the National Park Service and other vendors to begin an incredible survey of the historic USS Arizona; and there's an interesting discussion from an Australian site about proving the benefits of BIM.

Martha Stewart: Drones’ new celebrity advocate: Martha Stewart’s indelible list of lifestyle musts, also known as “good things,” can now be expanded to include drones.

Autodesk Aids in Reconstructing the USS Arizona: "Autodesk, in partnership with the National Park Service and other vendors, has begun an incredible survey of the historic USS Arizona.  The purpose, to create a 3D representation of the site in order to 1) monitor the state of the ship and memorial and 2) bring pieces of history up to the surface for visitors to interact with."

How Do We Prove The Benefits of BIM?: "Taking a look around the BIM forums and discussion threads there is a common sticking point that often threatens and sometimes even undermines the premise of BIM technology as a useful tool for the AEC Industry – how can we quantify BIM accomplishments?"