GeoDataPoint talks to Mike Beebe, COO of Matterport, about Matterport's scanner at SPAR 2014 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Matterport, a computer vision technology company, developed the Matterport Pro 3D Camera and cloud services to make it easy to capture digital images and views in a cost-efficent way. The camera, software and cloud services work together to create a photo-realistic model from 3D images.

The cloud-based system is geared toward professionals looking to document, promote, or visualize spaces using realistic 3D imaging in industries such as construction management, insurance claims adjustment, building inspection, forensics animation, commercial and residential real estate, hospitality, entertainment venues, architecture, and retail space planning. Matterport said some of the earliest customers have been in the real estate and hospitality industries, allowing properties to be showcased in a realistic manner.

Matterport says its 3D models can be captured and prepared in minutes or hours, while similar models using other tools could take weeks or months. The models can be shared through web-based applications without requiring files to download or specialized CAD applications.

The Matterport 3D Camera sells for $4,500. Cloud service fees will be offered by subscription-based pricing, about $50, said Mike Beebe. The app and viewing software are free. Both are available via the company website.