Spicer Group Inc., based in Saginaw, Mich., this fall purchased Leica's Pegasus:One mobile mapping solution. One of the largest surveying firms in Michigan, Spicer Group handles contracts for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) as well as numerous municipalities in Michigan. Spicer Group has been providing laser scanning services since 2008.

The company plans to expand nationally with its mobile mapping unit using the Leica Pegausus:One. Eric Barden, PS, Geospatial Lead and Partner at Spicer Group, said they chose the Leica system because it offers portability and flexibility to use it on multiple platforms such as a truck, ATV and boat.

"We’re excited about the opportunities to pursue projects today we couldn’t yesterday and the ability to go nationwide with our services," Barden said. "We have  a team that is fired up about going all over the country."

Barden said the ability to access Esri ArcGIS desktop through the Pegasus:One software gives Spicer Group a unique advantage compared to other mobile mapping service providers.

"We feel the unique capability this system provides is its direct integration with ArcGIS," he said. "We feel that opportunity allows our company to really elevate our history as a municipal firm. Our system operates directly in ArcGIS so we can collect data and build that geo database directly within ArcGIS."

Barden said the system benefits Spicer Group's clients primarily from a safety standpoint. He said the larger highway corridor service projects are safer with the mobile mapping service and the company is able to survey miles at a much higher speed of collection.

"It can really help speed up the delivery times," he said.