AVEVA has officially made its showcase decision support system, AVEVA Engage, commercially available. The system is designed to put instant, intuitive access to critical digital asset information at the fingertips of an organization’s key decision makers.

AVEVA Engage unites AVEVA’s expertise in engineering information management, ultra-high-definition (UHD) visualization and intuitive user interfaces. The result is a simplified decision support system capable of instantly pinpointing information in complex digital assets.

“AVEVA Engage is a fantastic example of our leading-edge know-how creating another world first, something that is unique to the capital engineering industries,” says Richard Longdon, AVEVA CEO. “With many leading industry names helping us to develop the software, and many others involved in our Early Access Programme, we know that this technology is a much-needed resource for the markets we serve.”

At the recent AVEVA World UK User Meeting, the Shell Design Centre in Aberdeen, which has taken part in the Early Access Program, is presenting the benefits of AVEVA Engage in operations.

Entirely touch-driven and capable of running on the latest UHD/4K super-sized touchscreens, such as Microsoft’s 84-inch Surface Hub, AVEVA Engage’s innovation shows itself in the number of use cases that have been identified by customers during the company’s Early Access Program:

  • Collaborative design reviews
  • Constructability reviews
  • Creating commissioning plans
  • Central control room work overviews
  • Onshore/offshore troubleshooting
  • Preventative maintenance scheduling
  • Modification project planning

“In such tight market conditions, our customers are all looking to technology to help dramatically improve their business operations,” says Dave Wheeldon, AVEVA CTO. "In AVEVA Engage, I believe we are delivering technology that will lead to a paradigm shift; a recognition of the fundamental importance of their digital assets to improving efficiency, safety and reliability.”

About AVEVA Engage

AVEVA Engage seamlessly combines powerful whole-model visualization with immediate contextually-filtered access to validated, relevant documents and information.  This enables customers to substantially improve collaborative decision making in all stages of the asset life cycle. It can call up any associated asset information for any tagged object with the touch of a screen.