AVEVA has launched AVEVA Everything3D 2.1. The new release builds on the software’s ability to deliver time and cost savings for brownfield and revamp projects by increasing productivity for EPCs and owner operators. 

Enhanced capabilities such as PointCloud demolition and displaying laser data directly on drawings enable designers to interact with 3D models in ways that have not been previously possible. Optimized design efficiency is delivered through an enhanced user interface, which reduces learning curves and moves projects more quickly into production.

“In the current economic climate, where Capex spend is reduced, life extension of existing assets is a priority for our customers,” says Dave Wheeldon, AVEVA CTO. “Listening to that message, we have put added focus on capabilities, which can transform how customers perform brownfield projects, to increase productivity, improve quality and drive down project time.”

The advances in technology and user experience within the release have been engineered for brownfield projects of any size. It includes the introduction of HyperBubble technology, which allows users to work in an as-built environment. Using the laser data to model the demolition sequence prior to refit is a major step forward, ensuring that up-to-date laser data and design information can be used to make 2D deliverables.

The need to remodel existing plants prior to revamp and drawing generation has been removed and considerable time savings is possible. Other enhancements to usability include in-canvas commands, redesigned structural and supports modules and improved P&ID/3D integration.


For nearly 50 years, AVEVA software has enabled the creation of some of complex power and process plants, vessels and offshore facilities. AVEVA’s Digital Asset approach ensures there is always an accurate digital representation of each physical asset.  This allows engineering contractors, owner operators and ship builders to work more safely, more efficiently and with less risk throughout the life cycle of their projects and operations.