5D Robotics Inc. has announced its acquisition of industrial assets and intellectual property of Aerial MOB LLC. The acquisition has led to the formation of the 5D Aerial division.

The division provides precise 3D mapping, photogrammetry, thermal and multi-spectral imagery data, empowering focused analytical solutions to vertical markets including oil and gas, utilities and construction.

“Our precise position and navigation technology coupled with Aerial MOB’s unmanned aircraft solutions (UAS) will further drive adoption of 5D sensors. This will provide aerial systems with unmatched reliability, preventing fly-aways, and enabling precision landing and accurate data collection.  The aerial division with these solutions is expected to bring in new revenues for the company,” says David Bruemmer, 5D Robotics CEO and founder.

Through this acquisition, Treggon Owens from Aerial MOB joins 5D Robotics as chief innovation officer.  “5D Aerial will focus on bringing products to market for the commercial deployment of UAS,” Owens says. “The marriage of our aerospace and robotic families will lead to common efficiencies, innovation and cross-discipline idea sharing.”

Aerial MOB continues to be a leader in aerial cinematography, providing world-class services to film, television studios and production houses.

About 5D Robotics

5D Robotics, located in Carlsbad, Calif., is a world leader in the development of technologies that provide accurate position and navigation, obstacle avoidance, and guarded motion. The solutions work in many environments including rain, snow, indoors, outdoors and without GPS. 5D’s solution can be found in more than 30 air and ground vehicles ranging in applications from industrial, mapping and inspection, automotive, and smart mobility.

About Aerial MOB

Aerial MOB provides aerial cinematography to major motion picture studios and film and television production houses. It was the first company in the U.S. to achieve FAA approval for use of drones in film production. Aerial MOB performed the first ever FAA approved film production project with a UAS for a major studio.