The first-ever Capturing Reality Forum, held in Salzburg, Austria, from Nov. 23-25, has been hailed a great success by its audience of international delegates and visitors.

The event focused on the use of laser scanning, 3D imaging and LiDAR to support infrastructure development, BIM, transport, urban and coastal zone mapping, asset management, 3D visualization and GIS applications.

“We are delighted by the success of this first Capturing Reality Forum,” says Versha Carter, event director. “Building on industry feedback from our previous well-established ELMF and SPAR Europe events on the gradual merging of the various technology streams, we have carefully taken the key elements and combined these into an event which is focused on addressing the needs of both audiences; to enable them to manage their business more easily, reduce risk, save cost and increase efficiency.

More than 400 delegates from 35 countries gathered to hear 46 stimulating and informative presentations delivered by leading experts.  Attendees also visited the accompanying exhibition of more than 40 hardware/software manufacturers and service providers. In addition, a series of live demonstrations and technical workshops provided a very busy and informative three-day schedule.