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GeoShack Offers HD Mobile Mapping System

August 29, 2011

GeoShack North America, Inc. is now offering Integrated High Accuracy 3D Mobile Mapping system and services with Topcon’s IP-S2 HD Mobile Mapper fully integrated positioning and data collection solution for land based vehicles.

Topcon’s IP-S2 HD Mobile Mapping System overcomes the challenges of mapping linear features to a high level of accuracy. Accurate vehicle positions are obtained using three redundant technologies: a dual frequency GNSS receiver establishes a geospatial position; an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) tracks vehicle posse; and connection to external wheel encoders obtains odometry information. These three technologies work together to sustain a highly accurate 3D position for the vehicle even in locations where satellite signals can be blocked by obstructions such as buildings, bridges, or tree lines.

The IP-S2 HD Mapper provides fast, high accuracy, high density data and dynamic imaging for any linear mapping project. The vehicle-mounted system collects data at normal roadway travel speeds. Safety is improved by removing data collection personnel from vehicular travel areas.

IP-S2 HD Mapper Features:
  • High Density, Long Range LiDAR sensor for ultimate visual detail

  • High Accuracy IMU and DMI Odometry for positional accuracy and reliability

  • Geo-referenced, Time-Stamped, Point Clouds and Imagery

  • 360 Camera for Spherical Image Capture

  • Powered Retractable Mounting System
Applications Include:
  • Roadway Asset Management

  • Power Transmission and Distribution
  • Telecommunications

  • Pipelines

  • Railways

  • Homeland Security

  • Disaster Management
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