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GeoCue Announces Release of GeoCue 2011.1

September 30, 2011

GeoCue Corporation is pleased to announce the release of GeoCue 2011.1, from the annual Training Event, currently ongoing in Nashville, Tenn.

Advanced enhancements to GeoCue 2011.1 include:

- Native support for 64-bit Windows platforms

- Significantly enhanced coordinate reference system and datum support, including Horizontal Time Dependent Positioning (HTDP) and ground-grid models

- Automatic dispatched and distributed processing for local clouds

- Support for Web Mapping Services (WMS) backdrops in GeoCue Client, including native support for Open Street Map layers

- Completely new Table of Contents including nested folders and real-time shared layouts

- New CuePacs for Intergraph’s OrthoPro and Trimble®’s Rapid Ortho

- Many other new features aimed at improving project quality and reducing production wall-clock time

GeoCue products featured in this release include GeoCue Client, GeoCue Server, GeoCue Federator (Dashboard), and a family of workflow specific CuePacs.

GeoCue customers under current maintenance agreements will automatically receive this significant upgrade.

For more information, visit www.geocue.com.