Technodigit Releases 3DReshaper Software

September 10, 2010

Technodigit has announced the release of 3DReshaper version 6.  The latest version is available from the new website at and is free for download on demo mode. A new code will be attributed on request for customers who are under maintenance contract or warranty.

The new version has a new graphical interface and is the basis for all current and future 3DReshaper developments.

Major 3DReshaper 6 innovations include new menu organization, multi-view mode and optional modules, among other features.

Interfaced with a measuring arm and the CAD surfacic modeler (available in beta version), 3DReshaper 6.0 brings a versatile solution in the field of product engineering process. See the new version demonstrated at the Hexagon Metrology booth during the International Manufacturing Technology Show - IMTS located in Chicago.

Visit the revamped Technodigit website and find information by application or by function, demonstration videos, customers' testimonials and the download page of the 3D scanner software.