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Tool for Surveyors and Engineers Available on Tablet Computer

August 23, 2010
Highway surveyors and engineers can collect road condition data, manage surveys and optimize data in the field with a single hardware and Internet-based software solution.

Highway surveyors and engineers can now collect road condition data, manage surveys and optimize data in the field with a single hardware and Internet-based software solution, thanks to a partnership that makes the Highway Surveyors’ ReGen software available on DAP Technologies’ rugged Kinysis tablet computer.

ReGen-an Internet-based road data collection, survey management and data optimization tool that uses a Google Maps interface-offers a complete survey management package from deployment to data validation and reporting. Survey progression can be viewed on Google Maps, and data optimization tools enable deterioration to be optimized and viewed on the map background, enabling more rapid decisions for maintenance.

“There are other software applications on the market, but most of those are separate applications for collection, processing and analyzing,” said Steve Batchelor, managing director of the Highway Surveyors. “ReGen is different because it does it all in one package, unlocking your survey data for instant accessibility. Being able to both enter data and manage surveys in the field using DAP’s rugged and reliable Kinysis computer gives users the ultimate tool for highway surveying.”

DAP’s Kinysis is designed specifically for field operations, packing powerful features, including a Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard operating system, modular technology for easy customization, standard wireless communications, and a hot-swappable battery designed to last a full 8-hour shift, into a compact tablet form factor that measures 230 mm (9 inches) at its widest and weighs 1376 g (just over three pounds).

The computer meets MIL-STD-810F and offers a rating of IP67, meaning it can withstand free-fall drops onto concrete of up to a meter, vibration, rain, humidity and immersion in up to a meter of water.

“No matter what Mother Nature is dishing out, the accuracy and integrity of survey data can’t be compromised,” said Simon Bowe, general manager for DAP Technologies’ EMEA office. “Maintaining the integrity of our customers’ data through their daily environmental challenges is our top priority because we understand that data is both mission-critical and essential for operational efficiency.”

For more information, visit www.daptech.com and www.highwaysurveyors.com.