CAD file conversion

April 23, 2010

Posted By Paul Montero on 4/22/2010 at 5:55 PM


I have to convert a drawing file that was made in AutoCAD (ACAD 2007) format and LDD (Land Development Desk Top) to a version compatible with ACAD R14 and LDD. 

In order to do this I used the free ACAD migration tools DWG True View that converted the file to a version compatible with ACAD 2000. Then I emailed the file to a computer running the old ACAD migration tool DWG True Convert to convert the ACAD 2000 file to ACAD R14.

The reason I did this using two computers is that the two migration tools programs do not run if installed on the same computer. Either I can run DWG True Convert or DWG True View but not both. DWG True View does not convert a DWG to ACAD R14. DWG True Convert will not read an ACAD 2007 format.

I accomplished what I wanted to do but I am wondering if there is an easier and less tricky way. Hopefully I can find a method that is fewer steps and free. I do not plan on upgrading ACAD R14 and LDD in order to do this. I just want to be able to parse some vectors and text.

Paul M.

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