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It's not all play and no work...(pics)

April 15, 2010

Posted By John Hamilton on 4/14/2010 at 8:45 PM

Just to prove that it was not just some junket down under, I post these to show we were really having work related discussions:

Here, I am "priming the pump" to get Dave to reveal some long lost geodetic secrets.

Finally, after a few pitchers of fine Australian brew, Dave reveals the true accuracy of the NSRS:

Here are some RPLS posters: (1 Aussie, 2 Kiwi's, and 4 gringo's)

Last night we had a joint get together at a local pub, Commission 4 (Hydrography), Commission 5 (Positioning and Measurement), and Commission 6 (Engineering Surveys). Great time there as well. 

I encourage everyone to visit the FIG website and browse some of the excellent documents and procedings that are available for download, all free.FIG website

On a more serious note, everytime I come to FIG conferences (I have been to 5: DC in 2002, Munich in 2006, Hong Kong in 2007, Stockholm in 2008), I leave somewhat depressed at the status of the surveyor in the US. Other countires are WAY ahead of us in educating the geomatics professional. I use the term geomatics because it is not just about surveying, but geodesy, GIS, Land Records, etc. WAKE UP AMERICA. We need to elevate surveying to the same level as engineering. Make it professional.

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