Google Earth Problems

April 20, 2010

Posted By Steven A. Gardner on 4/19/2010 at 7:27 PM

Anybody else having problems with Google Earth? It used to work great on this computer and now it's more of a pain than it's worth. Now, I put in an address and it flies there OK, although a little jerky, then when it gets there, I have no zoom bar that used to be in the upper right. Then, if I go to a street view, it's all over. It shows me the bubble and if I go away for half an hour or so, it might clear up and show the street view, but if I try the next camera down the street the whole thing crashes.

A couple of months ago, I downloaded an app into it from Digital Data Services that overlays quads onto the aerial photos, or you can just print the quads. That was about the time the trouble started, I think. Then sometimes, if I shut off that feature, it would work OK. Now it is just messed up all the time, even with nothing else open on the whole computer.

Today, I uninstalled Google Earth, went to Program Files, deleted anything to do with Google Earth, then went to the webite and downloaded it again. Much to my surprise, when it opened, I entered that last address I had searched for and it remembered it AND all the Digital Data Services stuff was still there.

I admit I'm no computer expert, but I thought when I tried to get rid of it entirely and download it again, it might actually work.


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