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Downloading a Carlson Explorer

February 15, 2010

Posted By P.L. Parsons on 2/14/2010 at 9:46 AM

I have been contacted about doing some consultation work that seems to be a chipshot and should not be as difficult as several fairly intelligent people have led me to believe. 

This company hired a local layout technician to do stakeout on their construction site. All is well with the quality and production rate, but the layout guy says he cannot download data from the collector. It has a 9 pin serial port and from the literature I've read online seems pretty straightforward on downloading. I have software that claims to support the Explorer for downloads, but before I drive across 3 states wanted to ask those whom actually use them if there be dragons there. 

I've already told them if it is a hardware problem there is nothing I can do, but they are desperate. 

The layout guy is good with it, not a question of keeping proprietary data, as the ability to download will help him in the long run. He has to submit as builts, and would be much easier than hand entering everything. 

FWIW, before anyone goes nuts, it is legal for non licensed personnel to do construction stakeout in the state in question. The layout guy carries his own bond and is legit. He uses the Explorer as a data collector with his total station, so I know the connector works. 

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